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Contagion spreads
The wind carries death
Has God baits his breath
The angels hide
Has heaven knows hell
In certainty they dwell
Abandon the throne
As ashes rise

Contagion spreads
The wind carries death
The angels hide
Has God baits his breath

Lost! - terminal incident
Last! - the last experiment

Disaster reigns
The rain brings the end
To Hell we descend
All life will stop
Mans final error
Unleash bio-terror
Mutation in progress
Man plays God


The virus takes hold
System so sick invade your soul
The path to the outside is closed
Rage out of control
Infection gets worst
Syndrome "X" now takes effect
Life now a curse
Uncounscious reflex
My search for a cure now ends

The, the logical end
The last experiment are patience X
Contagious, rising faith
The final, the only
Last breath of the lonely
Human impurity

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