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A pleasant warmth is filling my body
As appears the pallid full moon light

This night I release the beast
And I need to seize my share of life

Sharp fangs grow beyond my jaw
Pointed claws tear my fingers

My metamorphosis manhandles my entrails
But the power I feel justifies the pain

I got rid of my human disguise
The demon has escaped from its jail

A dark brown fur covers my skin
The deadly hunt begins now

I smell your blood I want to rip you alive

I run in the night like the dead himself
Cutting the throats, getting drunk on blood
I delightfully maim everyone in my path
My rage and my wrath have no end

Join my dance of Death

I prowl about the streets, reaping the life
Baying at the moon and its freezing light
At last I've recovered my true shape
I am the beast, free of all hindrance

But soon will come this damned eternal dawn Trapping again my lethal demon might

I don't want to be weak again
Unable to crush bones in my hands
I don't want to lose my strenght
Unable to grind skulls with my fist
I need taste of blood on my lips
And to read the fear in your eyes

The bestial warmth leaves my body
As the dawn tolls the knell of this night
Once again the wolf must give way
But its return is just a matter of time

All my being is slowly distorted
I'm writhing with pain on the ground

Which dark power plays with me
And has made of me this abomination
But each day I feel the wolf 's getting stronger
And soon I know it will break the curse

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