Слова (текст) песни Anti-Depressive Delivery - Glasses

Тексты песен
Inside looking out
At the city lights
Inside lights are out
And you're watching all the people in the night

The next thing you know, you're in tears
Opening doors that's been shut for years
And you're back at the beginning

Eleven years old wearing tinted glasses
Couldn't tell white from brown
Thought the paperwork was over
When you had only just begun

Your friends turn around and start to run
And you don't know what's going on
Holding their breath until they're gone
And you're left in confusion

Water under the bridge
Don't mean the same when the bridge is burned
And there's a sewer below
Nobody wants you and you want nobody
You've been among the living dead
For way too long

Glasses for better, glasses for worse
Glasses for eyesight and shelter from the sun
Tinted glasses is your curse
And you still don't know what went wrong

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